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Save, Save, Save
Whether you're buying a home or refinancing, FlexPay® gives you the power to maximize your savings.  
Save, Save, Save
Three Ways To Pay
Fully Amortized: This will help reduce your principal loan amount, by paying the full amount due monthly.

Interest-Only: You pay only the interest due to keep your monthly payments lower.

Minimum: This is the lowest payment option, which helps you save the most every month.
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Save, Save, Save
Did You Know...
Most homeowners don’t need a 30-year fixed loan to buy a bigger home.
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Important terms and conditions apply. The minimum payment is subject to recasting every 5 years or if the principal balance reaches 110% of the original loan balance. By making the minimum payment, your loan has the potential for negative amortization. The minimum payment displayed in the calculator on this page is an estimate only. The comparison between payments is based on rounded dollar payments and the actual monthly and annual savings may vary based on the actual payments. Please contact a loan consultant for more information.