Talent Show Voting Mobile App


A white-labeled iOS and Android mobile app for a second screen experience synced to broadcasts for real-time voting, play-a-long trivia and other audience engagement features.

Business Goals, Challenges & Opportunities

Telescope manages the audience voting for all major broadcast talent shows across the various networks. Typically audiences can vote through several methods such as SMS, Toll Free, Twitter Hashtags and web based voting on media property websites. Many of the clients had been interested in native mobile apps but lack the internal resources to create and manage such an app.

Telescope also has many different engagement web apps that frequently get sold as a package along with the voting feature, but often rely on the media properties to create a holistic experience on their sites that aren't always cohesive.


Our goal was to create a white-label native mobile app that can be resold with customizable features, skinned, launched quickly and managed via a CMS.

Insights & Demographics

Many of the insights came from Telescope's long history working with production companies and networks on major shows as well as a collection of data from many campaigns over the years. These are some highlights:

  • Voting and audience engagement on mobile apps is significantly higher than on other methods such as a media properties website
  • Audiences were 10x more likely to download an app vs visiting a website
  • Audiences were 8x more likely use the app regularly during the show season vs revisiting a website
  • There are similarities in content expected by audiences across the various shows

Requirements & Constraints

Requirements were self-driven and aligned with the goals and strategy of creating a customizable native mobile app that can be easily launched. These are some of the key requirements:

  • App should focused on vote, but needs to allow for other various engagements Telescope offered
  • Telescope has a portfolio of light-weight web engagement apps and integration into this mobile app would be done via a seamless webview
  • Dynamic content and features need editorial flexibility and were to be managed by a CMS
  • Expected content features such as contestant and judge bios, video galleries, integration with single sign-ons and display ad support would be part of the base package


For all apps launched, download volumes were well above expectations. The American idol app was the number one most downloaded app in the Apple store the week it launched which was coordinated with the season premiere. As expected, voting and engagement in general saw significant volumes increase compared to other methods such as Twitter Hashtag and networks websites. The app has been licensed by several shows and they continue to licensed it season after season.