LiveStudio is a complete video production tool for producers, hosts and others to manage audience engagement using real-time data and on-air graphics during a Facebook Live broadcast.

Business Goals, Challenges & Opportunities

Facebook was hard at work preparing to launch their Live product when they approached Telescope(a long time media partner) to help support this new initiative with an integrated product of our own.

The main challenge was Telescope had no experience with streaming video technology. In addition, as a company we were focused on white-labeled consumer facing apps that leveraged real-time data from social and other sources. The end product here was a video post on Facebook. So, what were we to do?

Leveraging our existing integrations with Facebook APIs for real-time data, we focused on our core, audience engagement. With that in mind, we looked at ways to utilize this in a video streaming environment to create interactive video that would engage audiences beyond simply viewing. In addition, Facebook only had APIs available to stream from non-mobile phone cameras, so software needed to be created to use cameras and other pro equipment.

Insights & Demographics

This was an entirely new product focused on video producers, content creators and social media marking managers. Video streaming and production professionals were consulted, personal experience with motion graphics applications was leveraged and a competitive analysis was created with similar products:

  • Most broadcast graphics applications are convoluted, hard to use and require a specialist to operate
  • Facebook’s users are highly engaging and with the tools in the new Live product, they could be easily accessed and notified
  • Telescope’s had special access to Facebook’s Graph API and other APIs allowing real-time data collection
  • Telescope had the support, funding and guarantee of continued partnership from Facebook

Requirements & Constraints

The requirements were developed based on the features and constraints of the Facebook product as well as our vision and strategy. These are some highlights:

  • The product must be intuitive and simple to use for beginners but powerful enough for experienced professionals
  • It must leverage and tie closely to the new Facebook Live APIs and have to the ability to evolve and stay up-to-date at the same pace the Facebook product does
  • It should leverage Facebook Graph APIs and others in order to have the ability to collect data for creating real-time engagement graphics and features
  • It should have an array of standard and expected on-air graphic templates and features to make the product a complete solution
  • The product needs the flexible to integrate to an array of supported software and hardware encoders
  • Graphics would be powered by an HTML layer composited over the video by encoders, and in the future a cloud service as well

Design System

Live Studio was the first in an ecosystem of interconnected platforms and web software applications. A visual design system was created with a vision of future platforms and creating consistencies and efficiencies.

User Manual

While simple and intuitive to use, they were features and settings involved that some customers needed a better understanding of. A User Manual was created as a Wordpress template with a custom responsive design linked within the web app and was used for various Telescope platforms and products. Utilizing Wordpress allowed for real-time updates and multiple contributors to edit and add content such as designers and product managers.


The product launched as an MVP within 3 months of Facebook’s initial request delivering on time and alongside Facebook’s launch at their F8 conference. In the first year of the launch it became one of the most successful Telescope products leading the revenue growth for that year. Over the following two years the product continued to evolved and improve. In that time, there had been an overwhelming number of licenses sold and thousands of successful streams produced with Live Studio.


A client quote early on as testament to our strategy of making the product intuitive and easy to use: “LiveStudio lacks a few features that others may have, but it so easy to use, we’re sold”

What’s Next - Product Future/Life cycle

  • Constant work in progress to improve, add features and stay up-to-date with Facebook improvements
  • Expand encoder support
  • Support for YouTube and Twitter platforms