Fantasy League Game


A weekly play-a-long game synced to TV broadcasts where fans try and predicted what contestants will do, say, or win weekly challenges. Fans earn points for correct answers and results are displayed in real-time creating a true second screen experience.

Business Goals, Challenges & Opportunities

Telescope has relationships with the top talent shows on TV. Many of these shows use Telescope for the audience voting via various methods such as SMS, Toll Free, Twitter Hashtags and web based voting on media property websites. We always hear repeatably that our clients continue to look for new ways to engage their audiences and they look to Telescope as leader in this area. We are constantly thinking about new apps and engagements we create and package up to use across different shows.

Many shows are per-tapped and do not have traditional audience impact voting, so the challenge was to create a second screen experience where the audience can play along weekly. These shows typically have several scenes in every episode that become the social discussion of the week or they have formants where they keep the top contestants and eliminate the bottom ones. We leverage this type of format to inspire and create the Fantasy League Game, which is a familiar game in sports such as football.

Our goal was to create a white-label responsive web app that can be resold with customizable features, skinned and launched quickly via web or web view within a native mobile app and managed via a CMS.

Insights & Demographics

Many of the insights came from Telescope's long history working with production companies and networks on major shows as well as a collection of data from many campaigns over the years. These are some highlights:

  • Audience engagements on second screen experiences typically see a high percentage of viewers also playing along
  • Shows with a second screen experience have seen a lift in viewership attributed to these experiences
  • Retention is generally very with second screen experiences that have weekly engagement
  • There are similarities in formats of many of these types of shows

Requirements & Constraints

Requirements were self-driven and aligned with the goals and strategy of creating a responsive web app that can be customized and quickly launched. These were some of the key requirements:

  • The web app should be a singular engagement and simple to use
  • It must have a weekly engagement to drive retention throughout a show season
  • Results must be synced live with the broadcast
  • Features must be customizable and content is to be managed by a CMS
  • A sweepstakes component could be added an optional incentive


This game has had significant engagement with each campaign launched garnering several hundred thousand players with a week after week retention of over 85%. Players were so serious about the game, on Bachelor's the ABC customer service phone line was flooded with callers questioning and disputing judgment calls the show made in relation to game play.