Campaign Manager Platform

A Telescope Flagship Product


Campaign Manager is an enterprise-level web application for creating, managing and pushing lightweight consumer-facing webs apps that often sync with live TV shows and events.

Business Goals, Challenges & Opportunities

The primary goal was to create an intuitive and robust self-service platform for producing campaigns built on custom web-applications. This would need to include a customizable framework for easy scalability and flexibility to meet differing client needs.


Another challenge was to separate the requirements of the platform from those of the web apps managed by the platform in order to provide enough flexibility for client-specific customization. This was also one of the main opportunity areas.


Telescope had a portfolio of products that were similar to other companies' offerings. However, these companies either only provided one type end user experience or they provided multiple experiences with little to no customization to meet enterprise-level standards.


It was clear Telescope could seize this gap in the market with a new platform.

Insights & Demographics

Through a review of a competitive analysis created by product managers, qualitative feedback from clients and interviews with Telescope producers, some key insights became clear:

  • Producers of shows and events want an easy and intuitive way to create and manage second screen and engagement experiences
  • Designers are not typically involved in the creation of self-service campaigns, so the styling interface would need to be visual and inline
  • One size doesn’t fit all for the type of entertainment clients Telescope focused on
  • Large networks and enterprise-level clients typically have distinct corporate requirements, such as integrating proprietary login methods for both admin users and end users, media players, accessibility standards, publishing destinations and third-party analytics.

Requirements & Constraints

The requirements list was quite large and extensive, covering many different aspects of the platform. These are a few of the key requirements highlighting some core features of the platform:

  • Flexibility to build and enable custom applications within the platform that can integrate into a client’s website or app with their pre-existing technology
  • Ability to create different states of an app within a campaign, such as pre-promotion, active, closed or results
  • Ability to customize visual style, copy content, graphics and media per campaign and states within campaigns
  • Ability to schedule different states of a campaign ahead of time or publish instantly
  • Publish campaigns to web and mobile apps in real time to sync with live shows and events
  • Publish real-time results and other data to on-air broadcast
  • Need for real-time analytics with validated data that could determines outcomes of shows such audience vote-determined talent competitions

Design System

Campaign Manager was part of a an ecosystem interconnected platforms and web software applications. A visual design system was created with the first of these, Live Studio, then applied and evolved with Campaign Manager.

User Manual

While simple and intuitive to use, they were features and settings involved that some customers needed a better understanding of. A User Manual was created as a Wordpress template with a custom responsive design linked within the web app and was used for various Telescope platforms and products. Utilizing Wordpress allowed for real-time updates and multiple contributors to edit and add content such as designers and product managers.


Product launched with the first client, BBC and a custom voting application. BBC has used it extensively across fifty business units, including News, Sports, Children and others. With over one hundred campaigns launched, including high-volume vote show, “Strictly Come Dancing,” feedback from BBC teams has been extremely positive with a common thread of ease of use and great customization features. They are also pleased with how the app has driven positive business results.


Within six months, several more clients have signed on including ABC with nine business units all within the US and eleven globally and NBC with several business all with custom apps that include polls, sweepstakes and trivia. Similar positive feedback has been echoed from these additional clients.

What’s Next - Product Future/Life cycle

  • Additional clients are being sought after with the prospect of adding other web apps from Telescope’s portfolio
  • A low-cost option that would provide an out-of-the-box solution for Telescope’s most in-demand apps
  • Ability to customize visual style, copy content, graphics and media per campaign and states within campaigns