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[ experience ]

06/12 - Present
Clients: Walmart, Unilever (AXE, Dove, Suave, Tresemme, Vaseline, Degree, Clear), T-Mobile, Kraft (Kraft Master Brand, Gevalia, Maxwell House), Mars(M&Ms, Snickers, Milky Way), Mattel (Barbie, Hot Wheels, Monster High) Fisher-Price, Hasbro (Furby, Nerf, Elmo), Johnson & Johnson(Tylenol, Clean & Clear, Motrin, Band Aid, Neutrogena, Aveeno), Cody Beauty (Lady Gaga Fame Perfume, NYC Cosmetics and others), Microsoft, Safeway, Columbia Sportswear, Nestle, Intel, Disney

05/09 - 05/12

Clients: Intel, Microsoft, InfinityWard (an Activision Company)

07/06 - 04/09

Clients: Mars USA/Uncle Ben’s & Pedigree, Energizer, P&G/PUR, Pioneer, Boost Mobile, UNICEF, The Grammy Awards, Shutterfly, VISA, Hoover

CREATIVE DIRECTOR (01/04-06/06) - SENIOR ART DIRECTOR (12/00-01/04)
12/00 - 06/06

Clients: Miller Brewing, eBay, PayPal, Adidas Golf(TBWA\Chiat\Day),, Fox Entertainment, Shutterfly, IndyMac Bank, Discovery Channel, TLC, Pizza Hut, Diet Coke, MandalayBay Resorts,, Wells Fargo, Visa, Sears, Chicago Board Options Exchange, Academy of Art College, Dey Pharmaceuticals, Ntt/Verio, Kodak, Butterball,

Awards: Horizon Interactive Awards 2006 – Gold Sales/E-commerce
Horizon Interactive Awards 2006 – Silver Banner/Email Ad
IAC Awards 2006 – Outstanding Online Rich Media Campaign
IAC Awards 2006 – Best Microsite/Landing Page
IAC Awards 2005 – Best Beverage Rich Media Online Campaign
iNova Awards 2005 – Bronze Marketing Banners
Web Awards Competition 2005 – Standard of Excellence Web Award
International FAB Creative Excellence Awards 2005 - Finalist Banner Advertising
Web Awards Competition 2004 – Standard of Excellence Web Award
International FAB Creative Excellence Awards 2004 – Finalist Banner Advertising

06/99 - 12/00

Clients: GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic, The Home Depot, Blockbuster, MasterCard,,,,, Signature Networks, Hoovers Online, Providian Financial,

Awards: @d:tech World – Bronze Best Pop-Up Advertisement

01/00 - 06/00

Taught graduate classes on Web/interface design. Participated in the Independent Study Program, teaching and mentoring graduate students one on one.

06/98 - 12/04

Clients: Special Olympics Northern California, J. Walter Thompson, Intel,,, Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners, PeopleSoft, Chhandam School of Kathak Dance, Soul Funk Clothing, Center for Hip Hop Education, Pacific Rod & Gun Club


Clients: Macromedia, GoLive Systems, Sony Electronics, The Sak, Apple Computers, Adobe, Levi's, Ziff-Davis, Sun Microsystems

Awards: Macromedia Shocked Site of the Day: 10/19/1999
[ education ]

Fine Art Major w/emphasis on Conceptual Design and Information Arts (New Media Design)
Scott Mcfarlin: Ideas, Design, Creative Direction

Managed creative department and lead high volume work, across a large number of brands.

Branded video content, microsites, branded retailer pages, and social influencer programs.

Samples available upon request.

Managed creative department and lead high volume work, across a large number of brands.

Branded video content, microsites, branded retailer pages, and social influencer programs.

Samples available upon request.

Intel.COM Global HOME Page
Lead creative for all work appearing on global home page.
Lead creative for developing marking materials for all major product launches as well as stewardship of
Lead strategy, identity and design of a new B2B CRM program that targeted IT personel with a custom content program.
Managed creative department and lead high volume work, across a large number of brands.

Branded video content, microsites, branded retailer pages, and social influencer programs.

Samples available upon request.

Creative and UX design and strategy of Intel's mobile site. Established best practices and style guidelines for global use. » View
Intel Mobile Comparison Tool
Using QR codes as product identifiers, a consumer can use this mobile comparison at point of purchase as a final decision aid. » View
Intel Augmented Reality Comparison Tool
What if an App could could offer both a branded experience as well a value and usefulness. This augmented reality offer a unique and engaging way to compare computer while demonstrating Intel's leadership with this innovative tool. » View
Intel Pocket Buyers Guide
A simple tool to arm the less than savvy consumer with relevant knowledge in order to empower then to make a correct purchase decision. » View
Intel Event Application
An event application to be used for all Intel events worldwide. Designed and implemented as both a Web application as well as and iOS and Android native app. » View
Intel Gaming Initiative
Idea for sponsored game guides publications program. » View

Intel Reel
A reel highlighting some 2009 & 2010 work. » Watch Video
Intel AppUP
Complete branding, photo shoot and marketing for Intel's new brand that make a foray into the App world. A strong attempt support the growing demand for Apps on Intel Atom powered Net books. » Web Site & Blog
» Event Space Design
» Marketing Materials
Intel CORE Visualizer
A way to communicate the new visually smart power of the new core processors. Intel's unique DIE pattern is morphed and bent into visually stunning patterns. Any image can be uploaded to create equally beautiful images. » Visualizer
Intel.COM Global Web Site Redesign
Redesign of to align all of their global web site properties to one uniform brand Identity. » View
» Style Guide Pitch
Designs and ideas that help win the business. » View
Intel Sponsors of Tomorrow
Support for Sponsors of Tomorrow brand initiative. » View
Intel Smart TV
Smart TV initiative and web site support. » View

UNICEF Tap Project
Part of a nationwide, pro-bono effort to raise money to supply clean drinking water to children in developing countries. Each city ran a localized campaign that featured $1 donations for tap water at a participating restaurant for the week leading up to World Water Day.

» Thank You
A personalized thank you letter from the CEO of UNICEF
» Banner Ad
» TV Spot
» Web Site
» Screen Saver
» Facebook Strategy
» Ideas Timeline
» Initial Ideas
Uncle Ben's
Continuing the campaign into 2008. A philanthropy initiative, banner ads and a holiday card. » Heart Healthy
» Help Feed Kids Ad
» Help Feed Kids Page
» Holiday Card
Year two. Evolving the re-branding effort which included a redesign of the Home Entertainment section of the Pioneer web site to reflect the premium positioning. » Animated Transformations
» Ink
» Home Entertainment Site
Web sites and ads to support promotions, products and events. » Kung Fu Panda Site
» Kung Fu Panda Game
» Kung Fu Panda Sweeps
» Charger Chooser
» 20th BDayCelebration
» Advanced Lithium Ads
» Lithium - Great Outdoors
» Lithium - Rock Climber
» Lithium - Topo Map
» Lithium - X-Temp
» Lithium - Most Powerful
» Lithium - Battery Myth
Support for the 50th Anniversary Grammys to help give credibility to the award and create buzz. » 50 Facts
» Mash-up Album
P & G
PUR - Children's Safe Drinking Water
A philanthropic initiative to help supply clean drinking water to people in developing countries with this miracle PUR Water Purifier Packet. »
The creation of an International Dog Appreciation Day web site and spec ad banner. » Dog Rule Day Micro Site
» Rub My Belly
Media Art Dialogs
A Lee Clow initiative to create a conference for the discussion and celebration of Media Arts. Launching in 2009. » MAD Web Site

Re-branding effort to focus on the man Uncle Ben. A treasured icon never used more than a name and an image on a package yet beloved and respected by consumers.

A complete relaunch of the web site with an experience in Uncle Ben's office so consumers and media could find out a little bit more about this icon.

Banner ads to drive traffic to

» Colbert Report
Stephen Colbert's parody of Uncle Ben, his "Alpha Dog of the Week."

» Ad Age Video News
Uncle Ben's receives an unprecedented 1700% increase in traffic to the web site, ranking it the 7th most visited CPG site amongst giants such as and

» New York Times
» Read Article Online
Front Business page article on the relaunch of Uncle Ben's.

» Read Article Online
Barbara Lippert's critique of Uncle Ben's.

» Blogs
A sampling of the many blogs that featured information and commentary on Uncle Ben's makeover including news outlets, marketing trade journals, food and personal blogs.
» Web Site Video
» Web Site Screen Shots (
» Ben's Recipe Book
» Welcome to Ben's Office
» Ben Over The Years
» Extra Ingredients
» Ben's Food Pyramid
» Ben's Athletic Build
» 90 Seconds
» Recipe Calendar
» Finger Workout
» Members Email Newsletter
» Ben's Office Concept
Global re-branding of Pioneer Home Entertainment with the focus on the Kuro plasma TV. Web sites and ads distributed across the globe for regional Pioneer marketing efforts.

» Read Article Online
Ad Freak is thoroughly creeped out.

» Read Article Online
The runner up for the Freakiest Ad of 2007.
» Pre-Launch Teaser Site
» CNET Take Over
» Screaming Eyeball
» Expandable Ad
Banner ads to promote the annual V-Day event, a global movement to end violence against women and girls. » Erase Hate
» Search for Pussy
» Hot Live Nudes
Boost Mobile
Redesign and creation of sections within » Product Selector
» Service Selector
» Downloads Store

"it" campaign ads and teaser microsite, eBay Express, team invite.

» Ad Critic
"eBay gets it"

» iMedia
"The viral nature of the microsite ranks nine out of 10"

"Agency of the year: Best Creative"
» Father & Son "it"
» What is" it"?
» (no longer available)
» eBay Express ideas
» Team Invite
Adidas Golf
Website redesign, Landing page and ads. Created in collaboration with TBWA\Chiat\Day San Francisco. » Landing Page
» Web Site Screen Shots
» All Terrain
» Bad Lie
» Tech Specs
» Movie Teaser
MGD as "Beer. Grown Up." Formerly part of which included Miller Lite. The new strategy was to separate the two brands and give each a distinct voice. » Web Site Screen Shots
Launch of as a more youthful beer and it's companion MGD » Web Site Screen Shots
Miller Lite
The introduction of Miller Lite Racing's new NASCAR driver Kurt Busch and season kick-off sweepstakes email. Originally part of, but moved over to the redesigned once it went live. » Web Site Screen Shots
» Sweeps Email
Miller Lite
Web site and emails to support "Save The Taste" promotion which includes t-shirt giveaways and a coast-to-coast train concert tour series. » Web Site Screen Shots
» Sweeps Email
You Must Be 30
Site and video ad to support re-branding effort PHASE 1 » You Must Be 30
» Web Site Screen Shot
Crossing the Line
Site and ads to support re-branding effort PHASE 2 » CTL Golf Ad
» Crossing the Line Ad
» Web Site Screen Shots
Eternal Pour (Concept)
An idea for an endlessly looping web site where interaction could take place at any time. The journey starts as you pour out of a bottle and into a pint glass. » Eternal Pour
Small Business
Spec ads, microsite and other other ideas for an integrated campaign. » Roadblock Ad
» Expandable Ad
» Standard Ad
» Micro Site
» Other Ideas

Miller Beer
Tasteloss Prevention
Ads and web site to help identify Tasteloss and promote Miller Beers as the cure. » Tasteloss Life Vest
» Tasteloss Emergency
» Tasteloss Web Site
Miller Beer
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Promotion
Online ads and Swimsuit section interstitial for sweepstakes to the Swimsuit shoot. » The Zoom
» The Prop
» The Focus
» Swimsuit interstitial
Miller Beer
You Make the Call
Ads and web site to support a football season initiative. » Beer IQ Quiz
» Too Many Carbs Penalty
» Flavor Interference
» Disco Ref
» You Make the Call Web Site on
Miller Genuine Draft
Flavor 2 Savor Tour
Dynamic Flash web site for a summer concert series, video animation for jumbotron at concert, ads for the concerts and downloadable screen savers. » Micro Site Screen Shots
» Concert Video
» Screen saver
» Web Cast Ad
» Artist Ad
Miller Lite
Beer Run Game
Ads and online game at to support TV commercial of the same theme. » Web Site Screen Shots
» It's Halftime
» Taunt
» Tease
Online rich media ads including a web video ad and dynamic data ads. » A Day in The Park
» World of Color
» Window Shopping

Miller Beer
Miller For President
Ads, web site and other marketing materials announcing Miller candidacy for President of Beers. » Micro Site Screen Shots
» Campaign Buttons
» American Anthem
» Beer With A Vision
» Two Good Reasons
» Presidential Qualities
» One Vote, Two Ballots
» Undecided?
» Better Choice
» Get The Vote Out
» How to Vote
» Comedy Central Bug
» Evite Template
» Email
Miller Beer
Ads (Misc)
Online ads for MGD and Miller Lite as part of Miller's ongoing branding effort. Ads were inspired by cross-media campaigns, but were unique to the online space in idea and design. » MGD Tasty Pour
» Bud Select Response
» MGD Megaphone
» Miller Lite Megaphone's first advertising initiative. The primary focus was awareness with the goal was of positioning them as the ultimate destination for Las Vegas travel. The campaign launched with a teaser banner that created buzz and industry press. » Bright Nights Teaser
» We Have It All
» Disco Price Guarantee
» Disco Destination
» Disco Reservations
Holiday Ads
Rich media ads for the holiday shopping season. » Santa's Sleigh
» Snow Globe
» Wish List
» Gift Bot

IndyMac Bank
Ads and landing pages for home mortgages. The goal was create sophisticated visual and messaging brand identity online to differential amongst the competitors. » Flex Clock
» Wish
» Wish Landing Page
» Scrabble
» Montage
» Montage Landing Page
Miller Beer
Ads (MISC)
Online ads for MGD. » Empty Tap
» Mirror Image

Pizza Hut
Awareness and "Free Offer" campaign for Pizza Hut Grabbers product » Floating Ad
» Interactive Turntable
» Hand Grabber
» Grab Eat Go
Dude Where's My Car? DVD Release
Stoner interactive ads for DVD release. » Memorizer Game
» Dude-Sweet
» Mindless Bubble Popping
» Chinese Menu

Planet of the Apes Theatrical Release
Project A.P.E. Geocaching Stunt. Flash ads, web trailers and disruptive floating ads. » Project A.P.E.
» Thade Transmission
» Attar Breakthrough
» Capture Web trailer
» Oppression Web trailer
» Revolution Web trailer
» Kill Them All
» Bow Your Head
» Only The Strong
» There Is No Escape
» The Revolution
Moulin Rouge Theatrical Release
Web trailer that was the first Eyeblaster to run in North America, interactive ads and viral mini-site. » Another Night
» Scrolling Type
» Story Cubes
» Can Can Dance Demo
Cast Away DVD Release
Interactive ads with some "firsts" for online including a page take over, interactive floating ads and a video in the banner.

Labeled as a first in online advertising, in a page take over, AskJeeves is a stranded on desert island. » Read article on
» Wilson Lost
» Jeeves Stranded
» Reunite Wilson
» Island Map
» Back of Box
» Transformation
» Tiny Trailer
» Friends For Life
» Food For Thought
» 1000 Miles Away
MonkeyBone Theatrical Release
Interactive units with an insulting monkey, the supporting actor. » Smack The Monkey
» Free The Monkey
» Flatulent Monkey
» Monkey Around

Old Navy
Streaming Jukebox and interactive game ads for online branding. » Streaming Jukebox
» Rocket Game
Providian Financial
Created to support direct mailing for Visa card with Smart chip. Site features a card application with instant approval and supporting pages that help sell through product. » Web Site Screen Shots
(a Barnes & Noble CO.)
A textbook revolution targeted to college students. This was primarily a gif ad campaign with some executions and placements pushing beyond the standard of the day. Campaign also included a college survival guide that ran as a sponsorship piece on the Sony Music website.
» College Survival Guide
» Life Liberty Rollover
» Life Liberty Pop-Up
» Stay In Bed
» Serious Subjects
Mastercard and MLB promotion. Expand ads and floating ads before there was such a thing or the proper vendors to host them. Plus a new "rich" technology, a Flash ad. » Choice Seats
» Peanut Shells
» What To Say
» Who's On First
» Baseball Legend
Some early Rich Media ads including email video, gif expand ad and gif and flash interactive ads. » Leonardo Promo
» Show Case
» Mini Gallery
» Easy As 1-2-3

Early Banner Ads » View
Banana Republic
Early Banner Ads » View
Home Depot
Early Banner Ads » View
The Sak
Early Flash Site Intro